About Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA)

What are CTAs?

Managed Futures refers to an industry of professional money managers known as CTAs. CTAs use various financial instruments including foreign currency futures, spot forward and option contracts. CTAs may execute trades in various markets, including investments in commodities, metals, energy, currencies, government debt and equity markets.

CTAs offer diversification for portfolios. In a time of so much uncertainty about the direction of the markets, diversification in any portfolio is imperative. CTAs not only have the ability to reduce risk, but also have the ability to profit in almost any economic environment.

Individual investors looking to diversify your portfolio will see our relationship with various CTAs provide a variety of trading strategies through managed accounts.

Managed Futures are changing the way that today's investors are seek reduce portfolio volatility and profit regardless of market conditions.

Characteristics of Managed Accounts

  • Diversification - Non correlated asset class
  • Managing Portfolio Risk
  • Trade in Global Markets
  • Reduced portfolio volatility risk